“Iai-jūjutsu” by Isao Machii

(Abridged translation, thanks to Tro Rex Ota)

“Iai-jūjutsu” by Isao Machii

Typical misconceptions associated with Iai:
– All you do is draw your sword and put it back in the scabbard
– You can’t fight without a sword
– It’s not useful for self-defense
– It’s not a suitable afterschool activity for kids (because sharp swords are too dangerous)
These misconceptions are primarily due to the failed transmission of this art, where superficial forms (kata) are taught without understanding the real principles in it.
In Syūshin-ryū Iai-jutsu Hyōhō (修心流居合術兵法) Iai-jutsu is not just an art to learn to use a sword. The sword is your teacher and training partner that you learn the principles of body manipulation with.
The body skills (Iai-jūjutsu) demonstrated in this video clip all manifest the principles hidden in Iai forms.
No muscular power is required, and it can be practiced by people of all ages.


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